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What is Core Restore?

  • ​Restoring your core is essential for a functional body postpartum. After birth a lot of focus is on baby, which is necessary, but Mamas shouldn't have to sacrifice everything. I was frustrated in my search for post-baby classes, only to find a big focus on bootcamp style fitness where nothing about Diastasis (abdominal separation) or leaking was mentioned. It was as if Mamas were supposed to be okay with mommy-tummy, or peeing while laughing, sneezing, or exercising. Social media and even our culture makes it seem normal. But it isn't. Those common symptoms happen to lots of women, but they are DEFINITELY not something you have to live with forever. My goal is to normalize the conversation around pelvic floor and core postpartum, and offer programs tailored to the individual, because even with common symptoms, no two Mamas, no two pregnancies are exactly the same. Let me create a therapeutic exercise routine for you, to regain control and confidence, connection to your core, and bring you back to feeling like YOU!

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